Future Chemistry Technology Ltd. is one of China 's distributors of laboratory equipments for various major foreign companies. FutureChem specializes in providing dedicated scientific instrumentation to customers in China . Carrying out superb Technical Sales/Marketing activities on behalf of manufacturers and providing dedicated Service Supports to customers. Expertise offered by the company in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Sample Preparation, Chemical, Environmental, Food /Agriculture and was well received by both customers and manufacturers.

Our goal is to introduce and promote high technology equipment in China and to become a major laboratory equipment supplier in China with first class customer support. FutureChem wants to be the bridge for our suppliers to become the market leader in China and to be a focused and reliable partner of selected reputable companies and provide mutual growth and benefits.

Our customers are our most important asset. We have very well trained and experienced technicians. So we can provide proficient technical skills to support our customers.
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